There isn’t a doubt that there will be a lot of Detroit Pistons changes during the offseason. The changes have already been happening throughout the season, actually. The Pistons changed their roster at the trade deadline, and Tom Gores has said multiple times that big changes were yet ahead. This makes sense for a team that’s been struggling as long as the Pistons. Detroit is looking to be ranked last in the NBA by the end of the season. But, that said, the team also has a lot of star talent. They just need to make the right moves to maximize, or even just utilize, these players.

Detroit Pistons Changes

The Detroit Pistons only have six players under contract for next season. Hence, you can bet on some major changes to come.

Cade Cunningham

This isn’t a change, but it’s something the Pistons have to do. Star player Cade Cunningham has had to watch his peers in the NBA make good on winning teams. Meanwhile, he’s been either out with injuries or playing on a team that isn’t winning. But, Cunningham and the Pistons have magic together, when the right pieces fall in to place. Monty Williams is a legendary coach, so that should hopefully be enough to entice Cunningham to want to extend his contact as long as possible with Detroit.

The former No. 1 pick is expected to be looking for a max extension this summer, and the Pistons are expected to give it to him. Cunningham’s numbers are excellent when he’s healthy. He’s certainly the star player of the team. It’s a given that Cunningham will get a huge raise, but the jury is out on whether the Pistons will be able to give him the full max. Because the team is so depended on Cunningham, I think the Pistons will do everything they can to give him the full max, or near it. the team would really be lost without him.

Monty Williams

Nope. I don’t see Monty Williams going anywhere. This is just his first year with the team. What do you expect overnight? Besides, he didn’t put together this roster of players. I always say it, but Dan Campbell lost almost every game his first season coaching the Detroit Lions. So, give Williams time, and I truly believe next year will be much stronger for the Pistons.

Troy Weaver and Tom Gores

Most Pistons fans who are asking for big changes either want GM Troy Weaver or owner Tom Gores to go. I don’t see either of those things happening. Really, they don’t need to happen, so long as these guys listen to Williams and Cunningham, who are really the expert. But, Weaver better deliver with more strategy than he’s shown the past few years. Detroit deserves a winning basketball team again, and the GM has a huge part of making that happen. The Pistons have a solid coach and star players. Now, they need Weaver to bring the right additional players and management into the mix. I love this team and want to see it flourish.