It’s official: The Michigan Wolverines are the new national champions in college football. They’re actually undefeated this season. The Wolverines towered over the Washington Huskies on Monday night (Jan. 8), winning 34-13. What a beating. Hopefully the Huskies are all okay, because that was a rough game. So, how is Jim Harbaugh celebrating Michigan’s national championship win?

For one, he’s getting a tattoo. Yes. You read that right. A promise is a promise.

“I said that I would get a tattoo,” Harbaugh said in the news conference that took place after the game. “I have no ink on my body. No tattoos anywhere, but I did say that to our players. I said if we go 15-0, I’m getting a tattoo. It’s 15-0.”

So, where is this tattoo going to go? “I’m going to put it on my shoulder. I don’t know if it’s my left or right yet. I’m a right-handed quarterback. I’ll probably get it on my right.”

He added, “And then an M too, an M that’s maize and blue M. Also that signifies a thousand in Roman numerals.”

It sounds like he’s actually put a lot of thought into that. It’s nice that he didn’t say this at the beginning of the season and then thing, “Oh, shoot. Maybe people will forget this promise.” He’s going to make it happen.

Another way Jim Harbaugh is celebrating the Michigan Wolverines win is possibly by looking at NFL opportunities. It’s no secret that this guy wants to jump ship. No matter what he says, his actions have shown over the years that whenever the pros are interested, he’s there. He wants to go back to the NFL.

But, when reporters asked after the Monday win if he might want to win a Super Bowl next, Harbaugh played it cool.

“I just want to enjoy this,” he said. “I hope you give me that. Can a guy have that? Does it always have to be what’s next, what’s the future? Like I said the other day, yeah, I hope to have a future. I hope there’s a tomorrow, a day after tomorrow, a next week, a next month, a next year.”

That sure sounds to me like he wants out.

Harbaugh added, “And just one last thing. I’ve got two great loves: my love at work, the people I work with – coaches, the staff, players – and the love I have for my family at home. It just means a lot. I see a couple of the kids right here – Jimmy, Grace, Sarah, Johnny, Jack, Katie, Addi – the loves of my life. And my brother John being here, and my dad and mom being here. And then to be here with our team, and that’s those two families together celebrating, it’s glorious. It is just a beautiful thing.”

There are plenty of rumors that the Las Vegas Raiders are interested in bringing Harbaugh on as head coach. There are Bears rumors, too. It will all shake out soon, and we’ll keep you posted. His negotiations with Michigan are ongoing.