The Detroit Pistons will officially end the 2023-2024 season with their worst record in franchise history. But, Detroit Pistons fans are still there. Not the fickle fans, of course, but the Pistons fans who are like the Detroit Lions fans who stuck with the team throughout losing decades are still there. Those fans deserve better. Head coach Monty Williams agrees.

Monty Williams Praises Detroit Pistons Fans for Being Committed

The Detroit Pistons set that record for the lowest wins in franchise history on Thursday (April 11), following the team’s loss to the Chicago Bulls at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. During the post-game press conference, Williams hung his head low, as he often does after a loss, and verbally committed to delivering the Detroit Pistons fans what they deserve next season.

“I think it’s pretty clear that we have a fanbase that’s hungry,” Williams said. “From my vantage point, they’ve been committed, and we want to match that with a commitment to being a lot better than we were this year. I know that we’ve grown. We’ve had a number of close games that didn’t go our way, but we’ve also had areas where we need to get better. We are committed to that, and we can’t express that enough.”

It’s true that many of the Pistons’ losses have been very close. But, that’s not very comforting to loyal Detroit Pistons fans who have suffered through multiple, consecutive losing seasons.

Will the Detroit Pistons Be Good Next Season?

The big question, of course, is whether the Detroit Pistons will be good next season. Not to oversimplify things, but I think they’ll be better. They may even be good.

Why will next season be different than this season? A big reason is because Williams wasn’t given much control when he took over as head coach this season. The roster he’s been working with was largely put together by Pistons owner Tom Gores and general manager Troy Weaver.

Williams has largely been working with the same roster that won only 17 games during the 2022-2023 season. He wasn’t given control over the roster until the trade deadline. So, how can you expect Williams to craft a winning team if you’re giving him the same pieces from last season?

Not to disrespect the current Detroit Pistons roster. There are some fantastic players on this team. But, in order to start winning games, there are some holes the Pistons have to fill, and Williams need to be in charge of filling those holes.

Another problem with the Detroit Pistons this season is the inconsistency in players. Watch the games this season, I could help but notice that even if individual players had skill, they just weren’t gelling as a team. A lot of this is due to the fact there have been so many injuries, the core guys haven’t been able to really get used to playing together. Hopefully that will turn around next season.

Finally, we need Cade Cunningham healthy. Then, we need to build a team around him. But, it’s hard to build a team around someone who is hardly on the court. The Pistons’ medical team really has to work with Cunningham to build up his strength and somehow, someway prevent him from future injuries. He’s been with the team for nearly two seasons now but hasn’t even played many games. If we can get this star healthy again, he’ll bring a consistency to the team that could really turn things around for the better.

Like any good Detroiter, I truly hope the Detroit Pistons fans get the winning team they deserve next year. The offseason is going to be a wild one.