Halloween is almost here, and if you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume, we have you covered. The NFL season is in full swing, so why not doing something NFL-related?

This season is filled with ups and downs, so you should find plenty of inspiration for your NFL-themed costume. While the ideas below work, you can also get more specific and look at your favorite team. If you have some gear from your favorite team, put on your thinking cap and think of a way to wear that and turn it into a smart Halloween costume. If you’re really last-minute and desperate, you can always plaster some black lines under your eyes, throw on a jersey and go as a football player. But, the below ideas will certainly get more attention and acclaim.

Here are five great NFL Halloween costume ideas to get you into the spooky spirit.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

What couples costume would be better than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce this year? They are certainly the most talked-about couple in the NFL and one of the most talked-about in the world. This is a pretty easy one. Guys, get a Kelce jersey or try to fake it with a red-colored jersey. Ladies, just dress up and maybe snag a Swift wig, with blonde locks and bangs. This is a guaranteed hit.

Zombie Referee

There are a ton of referee costumes out there, especially ones for the ladies. While those are cute, why not jazz it up by being a zombie referee? You have to have someone there policing all the chaos when the zombie apocalypse takes over, after all.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Even if you aren’t a Dallas Cowboys fan, you have to admit that their cheerleaders are legendary. So are those Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders uniforms. I was actually a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for Halloween for two years and might do it again this year. Even though I’m a Detroit Lions fan, people got a big kick out of the costumes. They’re easy to find online and at many chain Halloween costume shops.

Dress Up As Your Favorite Mascot

NFL teams have some great mascots. So, why not skip the jersey and be your favorite mascot? My favorite mascot in sports is actually in college sports. Even though I’m a Michigan State Spartans fan, I love the Ohio State Buckeye mascot. Because who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?

A Disgruntled Fan

One funny idea is to go as a disgruntled NFL fan. This especially works if you happen to have some Carolina Panthers gear around. Sorry, guys, but as of the end of Week 7, the Panthers still hadn’t won a game. The Arizona Cardinals only have one win. So, if you have any gear from those teams, dress up, put a big frown on your face and head to that party as a disgruntled fan.

So, there you have it. Some random NFL Halloween costume ideas. Whatever you do, and dress up as, this spooky season, we wish you a great one.