We’re heading into NFL Week 10, and things are getting exciting. Some of the top quarterbacks in the league going into this season are still at the top of the pack, while others aren’t even playing anymore. Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins, we’re thinking about you guys. So, who are the best NFL quarterbacks right now? Also, which quarterbacks are surprising people in the 2023 season? Here’s your NFL mid-season report on quarterbacks.

Jared Goff

As a Lions fan, I have to put Goff on this tally. But, it’s not just a biased opinion. Goff is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. He rarely throws an interception (even though he has in the past few games), has been throwing longer and stronger passes and, most importantly, gets the job done. He also seems to come through under pressure. Sure, he has his nervous moments. But, most of those took place the first season he was with the Lions. He has a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t get too caught up in emotions; he just makes the plays happen.

Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow keeps including up the best quarterbacks list. He tends to come through in pressure-packed games that make others fold. He’s got a great arm and is a fantastic pocket passer, too. He’s also a well-rounded quarterback, and that’s helping the Bengals win, win and win this season.

Jalen Hurts

The Philadelphia Eagles would really struggle without Jalen Hurts. This hasn’t been a perfect season for Hurts or the Eagles, but that doesn’t matter, because they’re getting the job done. He’s thrown some interceptions this season, which isn’t a good luck, but he’s more than made up for that with his other plays and stats. Hopefully he’ll be in tip-top form going into the post-season.

Lamar Jackson

One guy I have to say I’m extremely impressed with is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. What’s not to like? When this guy is on, he’s on. I might be a bit biased, because his stellar performance made the Detroit Lions look more like the Detroit Cats earlier this season. He did it against with the Seattle Seahawks, as the Ravens recently clobbered them. So, I’m giving Jackson a lot of credit in these wins.

Jackson could be ranked the No. 1 quarterback right now. But, I’m not quite there. I have him as my No. 2 guy. During the aforementioned Seawaks game, Jackson clocked 247 total yards and finished 80.8% of his 26 attempts. Baltimore won 37–3, making them tied with the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC. His stats this season are top-notch.

Patrick Mahomes

You shouldn’t be surprised by this pick. Patrick Mahomes is still the strongest quarterback in the league. What he has going on with Travis Kelce is simply football magic on the field. Last season, Mahomes completed 67.1% of his passes for 5,250 yards, 41 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. This season, he’s also thriving. Sure, the Chiefs haven’t quite been playing up to their top form, but they’re still winning and tied for No. 1 in the AFC. With Mahomes at the helm, they’re going to be tough to beat.