I really wish the NFL season would slow down. We’re already heading into NFL Week 6, following Monday’s (Oct. 9) Monday Night Football game, which will see the Green Bay Packers taking on the Las Vegas Raiders. But, other than that Monday night game, NFL Week 5 has come and gone. So, what are some big surprises and takeaways from the latest round of NFL games?

The San Francisco 49ers are the real deal

One of the most buzzed-about games for Week 5 was the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams are considered among the most strong in the NFL this season. Both are also expected to make it to the playoffs. This was a huge game, but it ended up being kind of a blowout. The 49ers towered over Dallas, 42-10. This game was semi-painful to watch. But, the Cowboys are still strong, so don’t count these guys out. But, it makes me really look seriously at the 49ers as Super Bowl contenders. Currently, the 49ers and Eagles are still the only NFL teams undefeated. (The Detroit Lions would be in here, but the Seattle Seahawks had to mess that up!)

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be just fine

I still don’t know why so many NFL critics and reporters thought the Los Angeles Rams would beat the Philadelphia Eagles. I mean, I know the Eagles have struggled this year, but they were still undefeated going into this game. And, the Rams are, well, the Rams. They’ve tanked since winning the Super Bowl in 2022. The Eagles still struggled during this game, but quarterback Jalen Hurts proved a hero and came in for the win when his team was struggling. The Eagles still have work to do if they want to win the Super Bowl this year, but they are still undefeated, and that’s huge.

The Detroit Lions are the real deal

Anyone who has followed the Detroit Lions knows this is tale that rarely ends well. The team has struggled for decades. They’ve never won a Super Bowl. They’ve hardly even made it to the playoffs. But, thankfully, that’s all behind them. For those who think the Lions are just having some good luck, think again. The team is now 4-1, after beating the Carolina Panthers on Sunday (Oct. 8) at Ford Field. They seem to only be getting better each game. What’s more, quarterback Jared Goff has some of the hottest numbers in the NFL right now. He’s on fire. As a lifelong Lions fan, I’m so glad that I’m around to witness this moment.

The Minnesota Vikings have some work to do

Kirk Cousins graduated from Michigan State University, so I’m an instant fan, since that’s where I went to college. He’s a great quarterback, but he doesn’t always have the backing he needs to get the job done. The Vikings took on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and Taylor Swift wasn’t there, by the way. But, the Vikings fell, in what turned out to be a competitive game. I honestly think the Vikings are strong this year, but they might not be strong enough to make it to the playoffs. Moreover, the Detroit Lions look like they’ll be ruling the NFC North, and I’m not mad about it.