Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a hot item, and the world can’t seem to get enough of this couple. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end invited the pop star to his Kansas City Chiefs game over the Chicago Bears on Sunday (Sept. 24). Now, the photos of Swift at the game with Kelce’s mom have gone viral. She can be seen cheering him on and, perhaps overly dramatically, reacting to the Chiefs pulling off a 41-10 win against the Bears. It’s worth noting that her biggest cheering moments came when the team was up by 40, so perhaps it was a bit of overacting, but we’ll let her slide. Regardless, it appears Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are an unstoppable couple.

Now, it appears this couple is also helping Kelce’s brand. The athlete’s jersey sales have gone way up over the past 24 hours since the rumors of him dating Swift broke. Now, with the latest showing, Kelce has enjoyed a 400 percent increase in merchandise sales, according to sports business reporter Joe Pompliano. Moreover, his jersey is now a top-five selling jersey in the NFL. Kelce has also seen a big growth in his social media, as he’s up more than 300,000 followers.

Regarding the game, Swift watched the game from Kelce’s suite at Arrowhead Stadium. Kelce had a great game, clocking seven catches for 69 yards and a touchdown.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are an Unstoppable Couple

For weeks now, rumors were swirling that Swift and Kelce were an item. Last week, Kelce appeared on the popular “The Pat McAfee Show” and hinted that the two were an item. Now, Swift showing up at his game seems like the ultimate announcement that they’re a couple. Multiple reports state that the couple celebrated Sunday’s win at Prime Social Rooftop in Kansas City, Missouri. What makes this extra special is that Kelce reportedly rented out the restaurant for himself, Swift and his Chiefs team.

Swift and Kelce are really perfectly match, as far as age. Swift is 33 and will turn 34 this December. Meanwhile, Kelce is also 33 and will turn 34 in October. They’re also both very successful in their career. Perhaps this is a match that will actually stick. As I see it, this romance will either end with a “forever” or with Swift writing a NFL-themed heartbreak song. Your guess is as good as mine.

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