Anyone who has been a lifelong Lions fan knows that it is rough. Usually, each year, your beloved team is the brunt of jokes. Throughout the years, it may have seemed like the Lions would never get respect in the NFL.

But, my, how all of that has changed- and quickly. The Detroit Lions have won five of their past six games, and the NFL world is taking notice.

Yesterday, we wrote about how the New York Times has an article singing the praises of Lions head coach Dan Campbell. Now, another major outlet is giving the Lions props: The Wall Street Journal.

The new Wall Street Journal read is titled, “The Detroit Lions Are the NFL’s Most Lovable Team. Yes, the Lions.” In it, writer Andrew Beaton discusses the Lions’ balls-y plays. “With a game on the line against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, the Detroit Lions called a play that was as brilliant as it was unusual,” Beaton writes. “Quarterback Jared Goff faked a handoff, dropped back and then threw the ball…to the team’s star offensive lineman.

He adds, “Tackle Penei Sewell, who lined up as an eligible receiver on the play, hauled in the pass to convert the first down and seal a victory over one of the NFC’s top teams. The win cemented the Lions’ status as not only one of the NFL’s hottest teams—but also the most fun.”

Now, the Lions have a major test up against the New York Jets on Sunday (Dec. 18). It’s an away game, which used to mean an almost guaranteed loss for the Lions, but now, anything is possible. The Lions have been winning games on and off the road. Fans are pumped, and critics are latching onto this Cinderella story. The Lions are for real, and time will tell if that results in a surprise playoff appearance.