We’re living in a crazy world when the most popular WNBA player, by far, is left off Team USA Basketball just because they’re worried about her fans being upset that she didn’t get enough playing time. But, it’s the world in which we live. Caitlin Cark, the No. 1 rookie for 2024 and reason the WNBA is finally getting the attention it deserves, is reportedly being left off Team USA Basketball for the 2024 Paris Games. The irony is that supposedly she was left off because the Olympic committee was worried her fans would want to see her get more playing time. Well, now her fans are just incredibly upset that she was left out of the whole thing. Now, Clark is speaking out. She has a great response to being left off Team USA.

Caitlin Clark Comments on Being Left Off Team USA Basketball

Clark has been in the press a ton this year, so she knows how to deal with the limelight. She knows that anything she says is going to be put out there for everyone to judge, so she’s careful with her words, which is a smart move. So, when commenting on being left off Team USA Basketball, she is very selective with what she says.

Speaking with the Indianapolis Star about her status on Team USA Basketball and not getting selected, Clark said she is “excited for the girls that are on the team. I know it’s the most competitive team in the world.” She also said that having Team USA Basketball select her to compete “could have gone either way” and that she’s “going to be rooting them on to win gold.” So, she’s staying supportive and not letting the dis get to her.

Clark’s coach, Christie Sides of the Indiana Fever, also spoke out about Clark being left off Team USA Basketball. Sides told reporters that Clark has lots of career ahead, and these opportunities will arise again.

“That’s the hardest team in the world to make,” Sides said. “That is a tough team. She’s young. She’s going to have so many opportunities in the future.”

Sides also said that after Clark found out she wouldn’t be part of this year’s Olympic team, she texted Sides about it. She had an interesting and positive message. “The thing she said was, ‘Hey coach, they woke a monster,’ which I thought was awesome,” Sides said. So, it’s motivating Clark even more.

Clark joined the Indiana Fever this spring following a record-breaking career in college basketball. She was the No. 1 draft pick. Speaking with reporters, she said once again that she’s very happy for those who have been selected to be on Team USA Basketball, even though she was left off the roster.

Honestly, no disappointment,” Clark said. “Like, I think it just gives you something to work for. Hopefully one day I can be there.”

I’d be shocked for Clark to never make Team USA Basketball in the future, so I believe her time will come. It’s a long four years until the next Olympics, though. So, it’s a bummer to see her left out.