The Detroit Lions are heading into their third week of the NFL season. The team surprised Michigan football fans, and nationwide fans, with a win against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the reigning Super Bowl champions, their first game of the season. It was on the big stage, too, as it marked the very first game of the NFL season. Then, they went into week two against the Seattle Seahawks. They were supposed to win this game, but they didn’t. Instead, they fell to the Seahawks at Ford Field in Detroit. Now, can the Detroit Lions deliver against the Atlanta Falcons?

Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons Talk:

The Lions should win this game. It shouldn’t be too difficult, either. They’re favored to win by three points, and the betting sites, for the most part, have them on top, too. But, the Lions have this special talent for losing games they should win and winning games they should lose. I mean, this season is already a shining example of that. They should have lose the Chiefs game, but they won. They should have won the Seahawks game, and they lost.

With the Falcons, the major issue the Lions have going into this game is that they’ll be without┬árunning back David Montgomery. He’s been a huge part of the success of this team this season, but he has a thigh injury that will probably keep him out of this weekend’s game. So, running back Jahmyr Gibbs will be our main guy. It’s funny, because when the Lions drafted Gibbs this year, people thought it was a strange move. We needed to beef up our defense. Plus, running backs have become a less valuable piece in the NFL puzzle, because their careers are relatively short. But, now that draft pick looks genius.

Anything could happen this weekend, but I’m nervous about this one. Without Montgomery on the field, things will be tighter for the Lions. Plus, there’s a lot of pressure to snag a home win. But, quarterback Jared Goff has been working with Gibbs a lot during the offseason, so that should help. Fingers crossed they pull off a win.