“Man crush” and “girl crush” are such funny phrases. I can’t remember quite when they popped up, but they are being used all the time in popular culture now. Even Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions is talking about his “man crushes” when it comes to draft prospects.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell discussed what makes him look twice at a player in the NDF draft and who could make the next great Lion in a new interview with The Rich Eisen Show. Looking at the 2023 draft class, Campbell says he definitely has some man crushes in this year’s draft. Moreover, “more than one” player stands out to him.

“The way they play, they love the game,” Campbell says. “It means something to them. They’re snap-to-whistle. They endear themselves to teammates. And they’re productive.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Campbell talked about his birthday, which was on April 13. He joked that he hasn’t been able to enjoy it because of the draft coming up.

“It doesn’t feel like a birthday, not just yet it!” Campbell says. “Maybe it will on draft night, but everything- we’re doing cut ups, offense, defense, special teams. And then I’m also back there with Brad working on the draft, going through some of these guys, trying to find the right fit, like every other team is doing. Just trying to get prepared, trying to get better, trying to upgrade.”

When asked if the board was set for the draft, Campbell says, “Not quite. We have some pretty good ideas, but we’re still vetting guys.” He added that Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes is “doing an unbelievable job.”

Inevitably, all eyes will be on the Lions when the NFL Draft takes place in the plaza outside of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, on April 27–29. Here’s hoping the Lions make some good choices. If they play their cards right, they’ll be the team to beat this season. They’re also serious playoff favorites.