Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is at the top of his game. He’s actually possibly not even reached his height as an athlete yet, as Hurts is only 24. Regardless, he’s taking taking his team to the Super Bowl this weekend, and all eyes are resting on him.

Now, Hurts is becoming a household name. He’s getting ink in some of the most prestigious news outlets in the world, including the Wall Street Journal, just released a new article in which they discuss Hurts’ history as a powerlifter.

In the article, the Wall Street Journal interviews Josh Opiela about Hurts’ time in high school as a powerlifter. They state that part of the reason Hurts is able to excel on the field and stay so strong is due to his experience as a high-school powerlifter.

“I wasn’t aware of just how good he was at playing football,” Opiela told the outlet. “I just knew him as an amazing powerlifter.”

“He’d walk up there almost stone-faced,” added Opiela, who was in the 275-pound weight class. “Effortless. It was like another day in the office.”

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Hurts was a powerlifter for two seasons, and then it was apparent that he was going to do football. He went to Alabama and then transferred to Oklahoma, and the rest is football history. The Eagles snapped him up with a second-round pick in the draft. Now, he’s ready to take the big stage at the Super Bowl, as the Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs.