Super Bowl 57 has come and gone, and it was something of a surprise win, as many thought the Philadelphia Eagles would go all the way. Instead, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs beat Jalen Hurts and the Eagles in a super close game, 38-35.

Now, all the buzz is about the fact that the traditional quarterback handshake at midfield following the game did not happen. It was a shocker, since this tradition is almost never skipped. Of course, tensions are high after a game as big as the Super Bowl, but the quarterbacks usually suck it up and do what is expected of them in that post-game handshake.

When the game ended, Hurts immediately walked to the sidelines and headed for the tunnel alone while red confetti celebrating Kansas City fell from the sky at State Farm Stadium. He didn’t shake Mahomes’ hand on the field, and he also wasn’t spotted congratulating any of the Chiefs’ players right after the game.

But, thankfully, all is not lost. The two quarterbacks did exchange niceties later that evening in the stadium’s service tunnels. Roughly an hour after the game ended, Hurts and Mahomes met in the hallway. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, Mahomes said to Hurts he played a “hell of a game.” View the tweet below.

Hurts wasn’t the only quarterback to skip the post-game on-field handshake after the Big Game. Football fans will recall that Tom Brady has skipped the traditional exchange after losses but is always there to do it after wins. Also, Jake Delhomme didn’t shake Brady’s hand after the Panthers loss to him in Super Bowl 38. It’s dicey. I personally feel that coaches should prep their quarterbacks before a big game and remind them that the post-game handshake isn’t just a nicety- it’s a requirement of good sportsmanship.