Detroit Lions quarterback had some of the best stats in the NFL last season, and he helped lead the team to its first NFC Championship game in 30 years. So, what’s the status of the Jared Goff extension?

The Status of the Jared Goff Extension

Lions quarterback Jared Goff‘s contract currently runs through the end of next season. Considering his stellar performance in Detroit and the charity he’s been doing giving back to the community, fans are understandably worried that Goff and the Lions haven’t agreed to a contract extension yet. I attended a recent charity event put on by Jared Jewelers and Goff, and it was one of the most buzzed-about topics there. In an exclusive interview, I asked Goff about his love for Detroit, and he talked about how much he and his fiancée love Michigan and have become true Michiganders. So, as they say, put a ring on it, Brad Holmes. Lock this guy in.

If you’re a Jared Goff fan and want to see him with the Lions for years to come, then I have good news for you. Lions GM Brad Holmes, the reigning contract expert, agrees with you. He knows a Jared Goff extension is priority. Speaking publicly about the extension for the first time in months, Holmes said that he knows it’s very important.

“First and foremost, he’s earned an extension,” Holmes said during an interview on Detroit’s WXYT-FM (via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press), when asked about the Jared Goff extension. “It’s important. It’s a high priority for us and both sides are working really, really hard and these things just take time.”

I love hearing that it’s a high priority for “both sides” and this negotiation is in the works.

Last month, Goff confirmed that negations for an extension are happening. Meanwhile, Holmes and the Lions have already worked out big deals with wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown and right tackle Penei Sewell to give them extensions. Even though they have yet to work out an agreement with Goff, you have to realize that Goff is going to be one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. Both sides have a lot at stake. The Lions want to keep Goff, and Goff seems to want to stay in Detroit. But, right now, Goff has the upper band. Who would the Lions turn to without him? So, Goff’s camp is going to try to milk this for all they can, and that puts Detroit in a tough spot of wanting to please him but also not break the bank.

In the interview, Holmes also admitted it would have been great to have come to an agreement with Goff by now, but he also said there would be financial implications.

“The whole process of budgeting and preparation and all that, that kind of goes into it, we’ve been preparing for a while,” Holmes said. “And look, in a perfect world, we’d have had all three of them done, bang, bang, bang, but these things just kind of take a while, especially with the quarterback market. But I do have faith that it’s going to get done.”

God willing. I can’t imagine what Lions fans will do if they don’t see this guy signed up soon. Let’s get those Jared Goff extension talks going strong.