Thanksgiving is here, and unlike last year, travel is way up in 2021.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Michigan airports are fully staffed and prepared for the surge of people traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend and holiday season.

For the U.S., 4.5 million people are expected to travel this holiday. That’s 80% more than last year. In the Motor City, 3.5 million travelers are expected to pass through the Detroit Metro Airport, according to Fox 2.

“We have full staffing at all our airports within the state of Michigan,” Steve Lorincz, the TSA federal security director for Michigan, told Fox 2.

He added that when traveling, you must remember to wear a mask.

“We also want to make sure people understand we have seen unruly behavior in the system,” he added. “We want to make sure people pack, not only for their trip, but they also pack a little kindness.”

For information on the Detroit Metro Airport’s schedules and delays, go here.