Head to a u-pick apple orchard with your friends and have a delightful time. Unwind and savor a glass of Pinot Noir at one of Michigan’s renowned wineries or embark on a refreshing hike amidst the rustling leaves along a state park trail. Regardless of where you’re headed, this season, take the scenic route and relish in Michigan’s vibrant display of autumn colors. Remember, this magical season only graces us once a year. This season, of course, is fall.

Michigan offers plenty of great fall destinations, and as it turns out, some of those spots are very reasonable. Now, one Michigan spot has been named one of the cheapest fall vacation destinations in America.

The study comes from Blog.cheapism.com. In it, they state, “As the summer rush winds down, anyone lucky enough to have leftover vacation days can score some cheap travel deals. In many places, fall means cooler weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices for everything from accommodations to tours to plane tickets.”

Before we get to Michigan, let’s look at some other spots. New Orleans is considered one of the best fall destinations for a fun, reasonable destination. Discover a unique cultural blend in New Orleans, where Creole architecture, Cajun cuisine, and world-renowned jazz await. Keep an eye on the weather during fall, as tropical storms and hurricanes can occur. But, take advantage of low hotel rates through the beginning of winter.

The Bahamas and Cape Cod are also in there. But, regarding the Bahamas, that recommendation comes with caution. Fall is the season of hurricanes, but it’s also the time when resort prices drop significantly. If you’re willing to take a chance (and have travel insurance), you can save up to 50% on your trip. The weather stays warm, with temperatures not dipping below 80 until December. However, September can be a bit rainy, so it’s best to wait until late October or November for more sunny days and a lower risk of hurricanes.

At No. 5 on the list is the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. “Leaf-watchers who can’t stomach the high prices in much of New England will find that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an economical alternative,” the publication states. “Fall foliage usually peaks here in early October. Leaves aren’t the only attraction, though: The U.P. boasts more than 40 lighthouses, 300 waterfalls, and several casinos.” They add that hiking is an attraction, as you can explore more than 100 miles of scenic trails and marvel at the breathtaking sandstone cliffs at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, located along the southern edge of Lake Superior. Temperatures are expected to range from the mid-30s to mid-50s in the fall, making it the perfect weather for outdoor adventures. Find the full list here.

By Charles Ken charles@alternativefix.com