Let’s take a break from sports to talk about camping, because camping season is here. Really, in certain areas of the country, it’s always a great time to camp. But, when people think about camping, they think about the summer months. Well, the experts at Reader’s Digest have put together a list of the most beautiful camping sites in America, so if you’re looking to travel this season, get these spots on your list.

The Most Beautiful Camping Sites in America

The travel experts at Reader’s Digest have put together a tally of the 15 best and most beautiful camping sites in America. “There’s no better way to appreciate the awesome splendor of our national and state parks than by spending a night under the stars,” they note. Before we get into the camp sites, it’s interesting to note what’s important to campers in 2024. According to the Campground Amenity Trends 2024 report, 63% of campers are looking for water recreation amenities when it comes to a great camping site. Also, 64% of campers are most relaxed when they have high-speed internet available. Those sound like my kind of campers.

Reader’s Digest names Arches National Park, Utah, the No. 1 best and most beautiful camping spot in America. They rate about its “incredible scenery, ranging from mountains and canyons to rivers.” They also recommend the Arches campgrounds, which they say offers lots of great photo opportunities await, trails and more. “Though there are a limited number of campsites, there’s plenty of opportunities to backpack your way through this park if the challenge entices you,” they explain. No. 2 on the tally is Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. I’ve always been fascinated by volcanos, so I would definitely like to visit this spot at some point. “In Volcanoes National Park, you can watch two of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa, on the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii light up the sky in the evening, their molten lava spilling out into the Pacific Ocean,” they write.

There’s one Michigan spot on this list of the most beautiful camping sites, too, with the No. 4 pick being Ludington State Park. This area has more than “5,000 acres of sand dunes, ponds, marshlands, and shoreline vistas, this is the perfect summertime getaway for water lovers.” They rave about all the campgrounds, which really step it up by offering “electricity, showers, and bathrooms.” Also, “there’s also an amphitheater in a wooded area with beach access for a little shindig to take place.” Rounding out the top five are Joshua Tree National Park, California, at No. 3 and Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio, at No. 5.

Looking at a few more of the most beautiful camping sites in America, coming in at No. 14 is Cayo Costa State Park, Florida, which is known for its nostalgic feel. “Another car-less accessible camping experience, this island paradise features nine miles of beaches alongside the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico,” Reader’s Digest notes. “A swimmer’s, snorkeler’s, and scuba diver’s paradise, there are plenty of opportunities to hang with the manatees, porpoises, and sea turtles.”