Who didn’t grow up on the Peanuts cartoons and watching all the Peanuts classics? There’s isn’t much more American than gathering around the TV and watching “The Great Pumpkin” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Now, there’s a brand new Peanuts special just in time for the holidays. It’s centered around New Year’s Eve, but still perfect for Christmas viewing.

Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for a new Peanuts special called “For Auld Lang Syne.” The special debuts on Dec. 10.

This time around, Charlie Brown isn’t the star of the show. Lucy takes the lead in the show, as she has a certain mission after being snubbed by her grandmother on Christmas.

“You are lovable. And I know just how to prove it!” Lucy tells herself, looking into the mirror.

Watch the full trailer for the Peanuts’ “For Auld Lang Syne” below.