If you didn’t like the result of Super Bowl LV11 earlier this year, when the Kansas City Chiefs definitively beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a 38-35 victory, then your rematch is happening. Here are our Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2023 predictions.

“Monday Night Football” on Nov. 20 will bring one of the most-anticipated games of the 2023 NFL season with the Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) up against the Philadelphia Eagles (8-1). The game marks the first time these teams have played each other since Super Bowl LV11.

Both teams are solid, again, this year. In fact, some analysts think these two teams will face off in the Super Bowl again in 2024. Both teams are coming off a bye week, and both teams have been winning as of late. The Eagles recently beat divisional rival Dallas Cowboys, and the Chiefs pulled off a big win against the Miami Dolphins in Germany.

One big draw for this game is that brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, once again, will be going up against each other. Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, while Jason is on the Eagles’ team. It would be pretty difficult to pick a side if you’re their mom, Donna Kelce.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs: Betting Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs are favorites to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, according to the BetMGM NFL odds.

Spread: Chiefs (-3)
Moneyline: Chiefs (-150); Eagles (+125)
Over/under: 46

But, aside from betting, here are some predictions for the game from the staff at AlternativeFix.com.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs: Predictions

Cat Badra: Chiefs 24, Eagles 21

Jalen Hurts wants to win this game badly, and it will be close, but the Eagles’ defense will prove a sticking point. I think the Chiefs will inch by them, with a 24, 21 victory.

Amber Reed: Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

Arrowhead will be so crazy on Monday, and that excitement and electricity will help Kansas City. But, the Eagles are a stronger and more complete team offensively. That will help them pull off the small upset and win on Monday. Plus, the Eagles are motivated to reverse what happened during the Super Bowl, so I see them as being more motivated.

Anne Erickson: Chiefs 27, Eagles 24

The Eagles are one of the strongest, most consistent teams in the NFL, and they have one of my favorite quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts, at the helm. But, it’s a home game, and I think that will push the Chiefs over the edge. Also, Patrick Mahomes is on fire, and Mahomes coupled with the Chiefs’ strong defense will help them win this game. It hurts me to give this prediction, though, because I love Hurts.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs: Conclusion

No matter who wins, both of these teams will have bragging rights, as this game is likely to be one of the most watched in the NFL this season. Also, Taylor Swift plans to take her mom Andrea Swift and dad Scott Swift to watch the game at Arrowhead Stadium, a source told E! News, so that’s another reason this game will score major play.

Aside from the Kansas City vs. Philadelphia game, there are plenty of other exciting matchups for NFL Week 11, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns on Sunday (Nov. 20) and the Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans that same day. Find the full schedule of NFL Week 11 games and bye weeks here.