Honestly, I did not expect to be sitting at the NFL Week 6 with these kind of power rankings. I didn’t expect the San Francisco 49ers to be this strong. Sure, there was a lot of buzz around them going into the season. But, talk is cheap. I wasn’t sure if they would actually deliver. After the recent game against the Dallas Cowboys, it’s obvious that the 49ers are for real. They’re out for blood. This past weekend’s games also solidified that the Carolina Panthers have a lot to do to turn things around. They’re at no wins, which puts them at the bottom of these Power Rankings. Hey, as a Detroit Lions fan, I’ve been there. I wish the Panthers nothing but the best. Find out where your favorite team ranks on this week’s Power Rankings. I’m only including the top 10, though, so fingers crossed that your team makes the cut.

Power Rankings for NFL Week 6: Top 10 Teams

10. Bengals. After some time away, Joe Burrow is healthy again, and that could really take this team to the top. Let’s see if they have it in them for this season.

9. Buccaneers. These guys have surprised me with how well they’ve done this season. I didn’t expect them to have such a winning record. They play the Lions this week, so sorry guys, but I’m rooting for my Detroit Lions.

8. Bills. Okay. These guys are not delivering the way people thought they would. But, they are still solid. I can’t believe they have two losses, but they do. Chances are, they’ll pull things together soon.

7. Jags. They looked great in London.

6. Chiefs. I thought this team would be No. 1 on the Power Rankings by now, but they aren’t quite there. They are still very strong, but don’t seem to be the team they were last year.

5. Lions. Only one loss so far this season. Darn those Seahawks.

4. Dolphins. These guys are looking solid and even better than expected.

3. Seahawks. I know this is really high for a Seahawks ranking. But, this team seems experienced on the field, and they keep winning.

2. Eagles. Jalen Hurts is pulling the Eagles through. They’re a team to beat, just like last year.

1. 49ers. Totally demolished the Cowboys. They’re on top right now in the NFL and deserve a No. 1 spot on this list.

Now, it’s onto a new week of NFL football. Find the full NFL Week 6 schedule here. Only two teams have a bye week: the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers will need it, after Monday night’s (Oct. 9) loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. That was a hot mess. The London game this week is Baltimore vs. Tennessee Sunday morning (Oct. 15) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London.