The Kansas City Chiefs were already hot. Really hot. I mean, they won a Super Bowl last year. Plus, the Chiefs have arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. But, nothing could have prepared the Chiefs for the Taylor Swift effect, as Swift is reportedly dating star tight end Travis Kelce.

Some people are looking at this as a male-female thing. Like, wow, Taylor Swift is really showing men out there that women rule. Honestly, I don’t see that here. It goes without saying that when you’re one of the biggest pop acts in the world – whether you’re a female or male – you’re going to draw more attention than a star football player, unless you’re Tom Brady or something. I see this more as an entertainment industry thing. Either way, it’s nice to see Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend okay with her getting all the attention.

Swift was at last weekend’s Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears. Granted, she kind of overacted in the stands, as the game was a blowout. Everybody knows that the Bears are “rebuilding” this year. But, she acted like this was the Super Bowl, and the Chiefs were up against the most difficult opponent. That’s okay, though. Getting excited is part of her brand.

What’s ironic is that the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football this weekend (Oct. 1) was supposed to be one of the most-watched games of the season. Who? Because Aaron Rodgers was the Jets’ new quarterback. But, now Rodgers is out with an injury all season. Still, this game will be the most-watched, because of the Taylor Swift effect. (I’m personally glad that the Detroit Lions already played the Chiefs, so my team doesn’t have to deal with all the extra press and pressure.)

Insiders are saying that this relationship is for real, not a publicity stunt. I hope it sticks. Both of these hard workers deserve to find happiness. Also, chances are, many “normal” people don’t understand their lives. It seems like a match made in heaven. The Super Bowl of all relationships. Time will tell if Kelce can stand all the added media attention that he’ll get as Swift’s man. But, for now, it’s certainly fun for millions of people around the world to witness. If they do break up, at least we can expect a colorful breakup song from Swift with lots of football references.