The NFL season hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already seeing so many projections on who is going to win the Super Bowl. Can’t we slow down a bit, folks? But, I admit that it’s fun to project what teams have the best chances to making it to the Big Game. So, which teams have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?

So, who’s on top this season? The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are the No. 1 team in ESPN’s Football Power Index rankings for the upcoming NFL season. But, they actually aren’t the most likely to win the Super Bowl in this projection. ESPN’s index ranks the Philadelphia Eagles, who fell to the Chiefs in the title game last season, as the top pick to win the Super Bowl. “It’s a result of the vast difference in quality between the NFL’s two conferences: The AFC is loaded with talent, while the NFC appears to have only a few contenders, paving the way for Philly,” ESPN explains.

These Teams Have the Best Chance of Winning the Super Bowl This Season

Looking at the numbers, the Eagles are favorites with a 14% chance of winning the Big Game. But, it’s a thin margin between the No. 1 Eagles and No. 2 Chiefs. “That the Eagles are the favorites at just 14% is an indication that this season is a little more wide open than most,” ESPN notes. “FPI has made preseason predictions going back to 2015, and 14% is the second lowest for a favorite we’ve had in that time period.”

Looking at these predictions, it’s going to be an interesting season. As mentioned, the Eagles are No. 1, followed by the Chiefs, 49ers, Bills and Bengals, to round of the top five, respectively, with the last two tied. No. 6 on the list is the Cowboys. No. 7 gets me excited, because it’s the Detroit Lions. As a Lions fan, it’s so great to see the team listed as one of the teams that will possibly win the Super Bowl. The Lions are actually tied with the the Jets for the ranking, so the Aaron Rodgers rivalry continues. Find the full tally here.