It’s that time of year when excitement starts building for the upcoming NFL season. Heck, it’s always an exciting time in the NFL. From the moment the Super Bowl ends to the first game, there always seems to be some kind of buzz around what to expect in the year to come.

Now, a new poll has discovered which NFL coaches are considered the moved loved by the opinions that matter: the fans. The study is from Betway, and in it, they “outlined who the frontrunners are and how different sets of fans rate their own coach based on social media data,” according to a press release.

Betway adds that, “The top coaches in the modern NFL are a combination of two things: Shrewd schemers and master motivators. The best of the best turn that a 1-2 punch to meet the bottom-line requirement for the job: Winning a lot of games.”

The Most Loved NFL Coach

So, who’s the No. 1 best coach, as determined by the fans? It’s kind of a surprise, if you ask me. It’s Doug Pederson of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was named the NFL’s most “well-perceived coach by fans” in this study, garnering a 26.2% positive online sentiment score. Penderson is followed by Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell. He has 24% of the tweets in the past year being positive. Coming in at No. 3 is Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s followed by Brian Daboll of the Giants at No. 4 and Sean McDermott of the Bills at No. 5.

I’m moderately surprised that the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni, is No. 6 on this list. He’s extremely well-liked, but apparently not enough to get him inside the top five. Find the full study here. Meanwhile, Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell recently opened up about the team’s new backup quarterback, Hendon Hooker. Read why Hooker won’t be playing at all this year here.