MLB Opening Day is Thursday (March 28), and the anticipation is high. Which teams will top the charts this year, and which will see another dismal season? Everyone is taking their best educated guesses on which teams will make it to the World Series. We researched and studied the 30 teams in the league and have crowned our top MLB teams going into the season.

Ranking the Top MLB Teams Going Into the 2024 Season

5. Philadelphia Phillies

These guys didn’t go nearly as far as they should have in 2023. And that stings for them. They’re back with a chip on their shoulder and ready to rock it again. The Phillies have a very complete roster of talent, so they really have no weak positions. That’s huge. They also made some smart moves in the offseason, like re-signing Aaron Nola at the beginning. Most experts are putting the Phillies at least in their top 10, and I’m going even further, as a top five team.

4. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles will be without starters Kyle Bradish and John Means due to elbow issues, so pitching might be an issue, but they’re still one of the strongest teams in the league. Corbin Burnes should help them a ton. That’s not to mention their other star talent, such as Jackson Holliday, Heston Kjerstad and Coby Mayo. Call these guys a dream team. They’re certainly one of the top MLB teams.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

A lot of analysts are putting the Los Angeles Dodgers as No. 1 on their tally, but I just can’t do that. Don’t get me wrong. They’re a really strong team. But, I don’t think they’ll be No. 1 this season. They do have some of the league’s best players in Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman. So, they have the guys, but I’m not sure they’re as strong as the teams I’m about to mention.

2. Houston Astros

The Astros have clocked a whopping seven straight ALCS appearances. How wild is that? They are really one of the toughest teams and always favorites at this point to make it to the World Series. I’d love to see an underdog come in and give someone else a chance, but the Astros aren’t going anywhere. They want to be a dynasty. It’s also worth nothing that some of their starters are injured right now, including Justin Verlander, Jose Urquidy and Lance McCullers Jr.

1. Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are likely to rule the NL East, and they’re really the team to beat across the board. Last year, the start of the season was difficult for them, because they were without a lot of starters. This year is a different story. They’ve also added Chris Sale and Reynaldo L√≥pez to the mix, two very talented players. With all these factors combined, especially the fact that the Braves are one of the only teams in the league that are pretty much totally healthy right now, I think this team will rise to the occasion.

So, there you have it with the top MLB teams of the 2024 season. Find the full schedule for all the MLB games of the season here. Let the party begin.