You can’t make this stuff up, kids. Pretty much every NFL fan was on the edge of their seats on Monday (Sept. 11), waiting to see what Aaron Rodgers would look like during his first game with the New York Jets. He’s one of the most celebrated quarterbacks of all time, but Rodgers has had a rough few years with the Green Bay Packers. Now, after decades with the Packers, he’s with a new team: the Jets. He’s refreshed and ready to go. But, during the first five minutes of the Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game, Rodgers was injured. It’s not just any injury, either. They think this could be a torn Achilles. So, what does Aaron Rodgers’ injury mean to the Jets?

What Does Aaron Rodgers’ Injury Mean to the Jets?

Rodgers is going to get a formal MRI on Tuesday (Sept. 12), but it’s looking like a torn Achilles. That’s one of the most dreaded injuries in football and all of sports, really. Players who are diagnosed with a torn Achilles usually have the injury confirmed early on. Also, they usually miss almost the whole season, if not the full season. It was easy to tell that Rodgers was upset about the early injury on the field, as he frustratingly shook his head while being taken to the sidelines.

I’m actually wondering, how did this happen? Injuries are more rare with quarterbacks these days, because teams make sure to protect them. That’s why quarterbacks can play at a more advanced age than many other positions. How could the Jets let this happen to their new star quarterback?

The Jets still pulled off a win against the Bills, even without Rodgers. That was pretty spectacular.

“We still have a hell of a group of guys,” Jets coach Robert Saleh told ESPN’s Lisa Salters during the game. “Obviously Aaron is a big part of that, but we still have an unbelievable defense, we’ve got a lot of great guys on offense and we’ll get this thing done.”

Even those who aren’t Rodgers fans need to root for his recovery and return. His presence is good for the franchise. Get well soon, Aaron.