We’re heading into the NFL Week 10, and that means we’re starting to get a better idea of what teams are going to be at the top of the AFC and NFC come playoff time. Of course, things happen. A lot can change between now and the end of December. But, with nine games in the can, we’re starting to get an idea of the AFC and NFC playoff picture.

The Kansas City Chiefs secured a significant victory in their pursuit of claiming the top spot in the AFC. Patrick Mahomes and his team kicked off Sunday’s Week 9 action with a triumph over the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany. This win ensured that the Chiefs maintained their position at the summit of the AFC standings. The only team on par with the Chiefs, following Sunday’s games, is the Baltimore Ravens. Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins were at risk of losing their lead in the AFC East, but fortunately, that scenario did not unfold. The Buffalo Bills’ defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night allowed Cincinnati to secure a crucial head-to-head victory, propelling them into one of the three wild-card spots and pushing Buffalo out of the top seven in the AFC.

At the summit of the NFC standings, a sense of tranquility prevailed. The Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers took a break from the action, allowing the Philadelphia Eagles to further solidify their lead in the conference by triumphing over the Dallas Cowboys. However, the real excitement unfolded in the battle for the No. 4 seed and the coveted wild-card spots. Led by Joshua Dobbs, the Minnesota Vikings emerged victorious against the Atlanta Falcons, causing a ripple effect in both the NFC South and the wild-card races. Meanwhile, the setbacks faced by Dallas and the Seattle Seahawks added to the ever-changing landscape of the NFC.

As a longtime Detroit Lions fan, I’m pinching myself seeing the Lions as No. 2 in the NFC. We’re only behind the Eagles. Plus, considering how the 49ers are playing lately, even thought they’re currently No. 3, I don’t see that team catching up to the Lions. It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting, and surprising, season.

AFC Division Leaders Going Into NFL Week 10:

1. Kansas City (7-2)
2. Baltimore (7-2)
3. Jacksonville (6-2)
4. Miami (6-3)

Wild-Card Race

5. Pittsburgh (5-3)
6. Cleveland (5-3)
7. Cincinnati (5-3)
8. New York Jets (4-3)
9. Buffalo (5-4)
10. Houston (4-4)
11. Indianapolis (4-5)
12. Las Vegas (4-5)

NFC Division Leaders Going Into NFL Week 10:

1. Eagles: 8-1
2. Lions: 6-2
3. 49ers: 5-3
4. Saints: 5-4

Wild Card Race

5. Seahawks: 5-3
6. Cowboys: 5-3
7. Vikings: 5-4
8. Commanders: 4-5
9. Falcons: 4-5
10. Buccaneers: 3-5
11. Packers: 3-5
12. Rams: 3-6