An NFL team truly can’t thrive without a mascot. Well, maybe that’s actually not the case. There are a handful of NFL teams that don’t have an official mascot, and they seem to be doing well. But, regardless, there’s something special about having a team mascot. It brings back childhood memories and just adds some fun to a game that people can, well, take way too seriously. So, what are the best NFL mascots?

It’s unfortunate that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for a person donning a larger-than-life cartoon suit and frolicking on the field. However, credit should be given to the franchises that have an awesome mascot, as they contribute to the excitement of the game. Admittedly, most of us are primarily interested in watching the games and keeping an eye on our fantasy teams. There’s no point in denying it. Nevertheless, it never fails to bring a smile to our faces when we witness a comical representation of a wild animal or a historical figure from America trying to energize us for a sport as lighthearted as football.

With the 2023 NFL season well underway, here’s your ultimate guide to mascot rankings that will keep you covered all year long. I’m naming my top five favorite NFL mascots and giving the reasons why they made the cut. While some mascots are undeniably winners and a joy to behold, others may not be as visually appealing, with a rough or dull appearance.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Blitz

According to Collins Dictionary, a seahawk is “a brown, white, and black predatory seabird with a hooked beak.” They say it’s also called a “skua.” Regardless, I love seeing Blitz on the field during Seahawks games. Unless they’re playing the Lions, my team. Then, I don’t want to see any other mascot out there. But, Blitz is a spirited mascot that’s one of the best in the NFL.

4. Chicago Bears: Staley Da Bear

There’s something simple about the Chicago Bears’ mascot, Stanley Da Bear. Despite Staley’s somewhat silly appearance and his name reminding me of a forgettable championship team from decades ago, he still manages to exude a sense of fun. Hopefully Stanley can help turn this franchise around.

3. Miami Dolphins: T.D.

T.D. is a delightful dolphin that, for me, brings back memories of visiting the ocean during childhood. Who doesn’t love a big, football-playing Dolphin? Okay, he might not play football, unless it’s under the sea.

2. Detroit Lions: Roary

I admit that as a Detroit Lions fan for life, this is a bit biased. But, Roary is an adorable mascot. He’s got the spirit of Detroit and that happy “roar.” It’s extra cute when Roary is cheering after a Lions touchdown or interception. He’s such a great mascot.

1. Minnesota Vikings: Viktor

Viktor is quite a stunning mascot! With his helmet and long golden beard and locks, he’s a true warrior. Very Norwegian! With Kirk Cousins out for the season, Viktor is really going to have to stand up and give the fans something positive on the field.