Ready for some football? Good, because the NFL will release the official 2024 NFL schedule on Wednesday (May 15). Ahead of the announcement, we already know of several choice games. Let’s get into the NFL games we already know for 2024.

2024 NFL Games We Already Know

This offseason has already been packed with lots of news, from the Chicago Bears snagging their franchise quarterback in Caleb Williams during the NFL Draft to the Detroit Lions’ Jared Goff signing a new deal that makes him the second highest-paid player in the NFL. As for the latter, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero, Goff has signed a four-year, $212 million contract extension with the Detroit Lions. It includes $170 million guaranteed. With the new contract, Goff will be the second highest-paid player in the league, only behind the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow.

My point is that it really don’t feel like a football drought right now, but it kind of is, since the NFL hasn’t had a game since the Super Bowl back in February. That’s why there’s so much excitement around the big 2024 NFL schedule reveal. The NFL Network will be streaming the announcement at 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday, and pretty much every online outlet involved with sports will be covering it live.

That said, there are some 2024 NFL we already know about. That’s because the NFL always announces some games early, to build excitement. So, in anticipation of the full regular-season schedule coming out, let’s get into those select 2024 NFL games we already know about.

Week 1: New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers, Sept. 9, ESPN, 8:20 p.m. ET

It’s so crazy that we went an entire season with Aaron Rodgers in his first season with the Jets. Last year, in the Jets’ Monday Night Football season opener, Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury. It was traumatic to watch, especially for Jets fans who were super stoked about their new quarterback. Now, the Jets once again have that oh-so important Monday Night Football slot on Week 1, and they’ll go up against the 49ers.

Week 1: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs, Sept. 5, NBC, 8 p.m. ET

Call this one an AFC championship rematch. The Kansas City Chiefs will once again take on the Baltimore Ravens. Of course, all anybody cares about is watching Lamar Jackson go up against Patrick Mahomes. That’s going to be a treat.

Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs, Sept. 15, CBS, 4:25 p.m. ET

So, the Chiefs will have their season opener against the Ravens, and then they’ll go up against the Cincinnati Bengals. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are rivals of sorts, so this game should be extra fun.

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns, Sept. 8, Fox, 4:25 p.m. ET

The Dallas Cowboys are a big draw when it comes to TV viewership, and they’ll take on the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 8. This game will actually be Tom Brady’s first game as a commentator on Fox.

Week 1: Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Sept. 6, in São Paulo, Brazil

NFL fans overseas will get a bunch of games this season. The NFL’s first game in Brazil will see the Green Bay Packers against the Philadelphia Eagles. It will also mark the NFL’s first Friday game since 1970.

So, there are some NFL games we already know about, even before the schedule release. I’m so ready for football season. Bring it on.