We have bad news for those who are celebrity crushing on former Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark. She’s taken. Let’s get to know Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend, Connor McCaffery. Because Clark has been in this a happy relationship for about a year now, and they seem just as supportive of each other as ever. So, don’t hate.

Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever Debut

Before we get to Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend, let’s talk about her WNBA debut. Clark is one of the newest members of the WNBA. She’s on the Indiana Fever and had her WNBA debut on Tuesday (May 14). She’s coming off a record-breaking season at Iowa, of course.

Clark had a good game, but I’ve noticed the media tearing her apart. She scored 20 points but had 10 turnovers. Headlines such as “Welcome to the WNBA: Caitlin Clark’s regular-season debut is anything but easy” from Yahoo! Sports and “Caitlin Clark has 10 turnovers in WNBA debut as fever lose to sun” from TMZ were anything but kind. So, it wasn’t an easy first game, but it’s a big jump from college basketball to the WNBA. So, don’t lose heart, Clark fans. I believe this was a solid debut for someone who has so much pressure and so many expectations on her shoulders.

Get to Know Caitlin Clark’s Boyfriend

Now, onto Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend. He wasn’t at her opening game, because of work. Both Clark and her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery, are involved in professional athletics. Clark, as I just mentioned, is on the Indiana Fever. McCaffery has a packed schedule right now with the Indiana Pacers, who are fighting to stay in the NBA playoffs in a series against the New York Knicks. The Pacers and Knicks had a game on Tuesday, so McCaffery couldn’t be at Clark’s debut.

Clark and McCaffery reportedly started dating in April 2023 but didn’t go public until Clark posted a photo of the couple in August 2023 with the caption, “Best end to summer.” The photo showed the two cozy together on a boat.

McCaffery and Clark have a lot in common. He played basketball for the Hawkeyes, just like Clark. McCaffery graduated from the University of Iowa in May 2023 and stepped into a job in professional sports at a team assistant to the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. He does a range of things for the team. “I’ll play dummy defense, run the scout team, help coaches on film stuff, help on video projects if they need, scouting reports if they need,” he told the Des Moines Register. “Whatever you’re asked to do, be ready to do it.”

Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend was a guard on the University of Iowa team in college. His father is Fran McCaffery, head basketball coach at the University of Iowa. So, you’ve probably figured out that, yes, his father coached him in college. Speaking with the Des Moines Register, Connor expressed interest in coaching, too. He said that he’s using his current job to learn and grow in the NBA. “It’s a way in,” Connor told the outlet, also saying that he has to “work hard” and work his way up. So, there’s the scoop on Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend. I hope they make it in this crazy world of attention they’re getting.