In a NFL season filled with surprising news, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore. I think we are all surprised by this latest development. I sure am.

Ben Johnson, the guy that pretty much every NFL team with a head coach opening was seriously looking at to hire, is off the market. He wants to stay in Detroit, where he currently serves as offensive coordinator.

Johnson was one of the most popular head coach candidates this season. He seemed to be days away from being announced as the head coach for the Washington Commanders or Seattle Seahawks. But, nope. He wants to win a Super Bowl with the Detroit Lions first.

According to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, Johnson has told both the Commanders and Seahawks that he’s staying put in Detroit. Even the horrid winters couldn’t scare him away.

Johnson was heavily rumored to be named the head coach of the Commanders. They even waited a few extra weeks to interview him in person, so that Johnson could continue on his run with the Lions in the NFC Championship game.

Now, the game is over, the Lions aren’t going to the Super Bowl. Yet.

“#Lions OC Ben Johnson informed the #Seahawks and #Commanders that he’s staying in Detroit, per sources,” Pelissero wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Johnson is still only 37 and will be a hot head coaching candidate again next year. But first, he wants to take another shot at bringing a Lombardi Trophy to Detroit.”

What Does Ben Johnson Staying Mean for Detroit?

It’s simple. Johnson staying with the Lions means the Detroit Lions still have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. Listen. Dan Campbell is at the helm. He’s a ball of emotions. His fourth down calls show that he lacks for reasoning, but he makes up for it with passion. That’s not enough. You need someone with a solid, rational approach to in-game decision-making and coaching, in general. The Lions have that with Johnson.

So, Johnson returning means the Detroit Lions are still going to be contenders in 2024. That was a big question mark before. Losing Johnson would have been devastating to the franchise, and it seemed like it was going to happen.

Will Ben Johnson Be Head Coach in Detroit?

Let’s not get too speculative or crazy or delusional. But, if Dan Campbell keeps up his crazy in-game calls, and if those don’t go his way, his days could be numbered in Detroit. It seems like a wild thought. After all, Campbell brought them to their first NFC Championship in more than three decades. But, when high-profile mistakes happen, like the ones during the Lions-49ers game, people notice. If it gets to the point where the Lions feel they need to move on, don’t kid yourself. Ben Johnson will be the No. 1 candidate to take over and rightfully so.

But, that’s all speculative. It’s all in the future. For now, Lions fans can rest easy, knowing their team is still in good hands. For another year, at least.