Retail stores were a little less busy than expected on Black Friday, according to new data released after Thanksgiving weekend.

According to Sensormatic Solutions (via, traffic at retail stores on Black Friday went down 28.3% in comparison with pre-pandemic levels in 2019. Instead, shoppers took to spending their money online or shopped early.

It wasn’t all bad, though, as traffic was up 47.5% compared with 2020, Sensormatic reports. That makes sense, as many shoppers were reluctant to shop in stores on Black Friday 2020, due to the pandemic and vaccines not yet being available.

“It’s clear shoppers are shopping earlier this season, just as they did last season,” Brian Field, senior director of global retail consulting at Sensormatic, told NBC.

Stores were the busiest for in-person shopping on Black Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., which is similar to previous years.

Field added that foot traffic on Black Friday was closest to pre-pandemic 2019 levels in the South, followed by the Midwest, West and Northeast.

Online sales were a bit off, too. Stores made $8.9 billion in sales on Black Friday 2021. In comparison, last year broke records at roughly $9 billion spent on Black Friday, according to Adobe Analytics.