The Detroit Lions’ season has been up and down so far, but most people will agree that head coach Dan Campbell is a standup guy. He seems to really know how to motivate this team and make them believe in themselves. He also seems like a cool dude to grab a beer with. Who’s buying?

Now, Campbell has done something else to earn brownie points with fans- or at least me. Instagram user dominatorventi took to social media to hare a video message he received from Campbell following open heart surgery. He thanked his wife for getting in touch with the Lions and making it happen.

In the video message, Campbell says, “Hey Dominic. This is Dan Campbell, head coach of your Detroit Lions because I know you’re a huge fan. Hey, listen man, I wanted to wish you a very smooth recovery from your surgery. I know its a big deal but your wife Grace has said that you handled it with ease and a sense of laughter and lightness which is — listen we need more people around like you, puts it in perspective, that’s for sure. Anyway, appreciate you and man I’m praying for you from afar and from your beautiful wife, too. That was — listen, she kinda made this work. I wish you the best thanks for being there, being a huge Lions fan, all the best. God bless.”

In the caption, Dominic noted that he had open heart surgery on Nov. 23 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He added that, “I Hadn’t got a Pep talk from a coach in decades, but after I was ready to crash through the Mayo’s doors the morning of my surgery. Dan, thanks so much. It put me in a great mental zone.” This whole thing is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Watch the video below.