Jamaal Williams help lead the Detroit Lions to an incredible win over the Green Bay Packers in what was the last game for both teams in the regular season. After the game, Williams let it all out. The pain and sadness of losing his father and great grandfather in the last year was on the top of his mind, and he cried and gushed from his heart.

Following the Lions’ picturesque win over the Packers Sunday night (Jan. 8) at Lambeau Field, Williams cried into the camera and said, “My great grandfather died, and I just dedicate this to him.”

“He was 92,” Williams added, “but I’m just grateful for him to be in my life. It’s a lot of memories, a lot of emotions happening right now, but I’m just grateful. I’m grateful to be able to play this game for my great grandfather and I’m glad that he’s looking down on me, and I know I’m making him proud.”

But, then Williams let all that softness go by the wayside. He means business on the field, and he wants the NFL to know it.

“Another thing is, stop playing us, man!” Williams said. “We the Detroit Lions! We the Detroit Lions, stop playing with us. I don’t even watch TV, but I heard everybody already picked the Packers over us. Stop playing with us, that’s all I gotta say, man. Don’t let these tears fool you. It’s all dog around this mug.”

I love seeing a player with such shades of emotion. “We can make it!!” Williams added.

The Lions certainly made it Sunday night. They performed on Sunday Night Football and wowed the nation with a towering win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Williams has been a huge part of the Lions’ so-called rebuild. He has more than earned a raise with his deal – a two-year, $6 million deal – which will expire, and there’s little doubt that GM Brad Holmes give it to him. Bring it on next year. Bring it on. Watch Williams’ emotional comments below.