Did anyone notice how red Dan Campbell’s nose got during Sunday’s (Jan. 8) game against the Green Bay Packers? The answer is that yes, fans did notice that bright, Rudolph-level nose during the big game. It was impossible not to notice.

Campbell’s nose turned bright red during the game, as the temperatures in Green Bay, Wisconsin, got lower and lower. Actually, the temperature was said to be around 24 degrees when the Week 18 game started, and it only went down from there. The conditions at Lambeau Field in Green Bay are always dicey this time of year. That was one concern for the Lions, actually, who are used to playing indoor at Ford Field.

But, Campbell didn’t seem to notice anything about his nose, because he was too busy leading the Lions to an incredible victory about the Packers. But, fans did. In fact, some fans and commentators were a bit worried about Campbell’s health.

“Dan Campbell’s nose isn’t gonna survive this game,” said Sam Monson. Check out the image below.

There was also a post on CougarBoard.com with someone saying they’re worried about his nose. “I’m worried about Dan Campbell’s nose and frost bite,” it simply states.

Well, the game is long over, and no word on whether Campbell was given medical attention for his nose, so it’s safe to say he’s okay.

On Monday (Jan. 9), Campbell talked to reporters and got kind of teary-eyed when reflecting on the Lions’ winning season. “I was proud of the way that we fought all year and the way we grew and for us last night..we’re just resilient. We just stayed the course, and in the fourth quarter, when we needed to make the plays we did.” Later, he added that there was “no wavering” and they were “unaffected” and that the team “wanted to go compete. It was the last one.” Watch his full discussion with the media below.