I don’t remember a Detroit Lions game with more anticipation than the Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks. With the Detroit Lions being one of the most buzzed-about teams in the NFL right now, local fans had been waiting with great anticipation for the first home game of the season. When the Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs, that made the anticipation grow that much more. On top of it, the Lions unveiled a huge Barry Sanders statue outside of Ford Field before the game, making it even more exciting. But, in the end the Lions fell to Seattle. So, what went wrong with the Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks game?

Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks: Where Do We Go From here?

It’s easy to look at little things that went wrong during the game to lead to the Lions eventually falling. One of those was a huge surprise. Jared Goff, who hardly ever throws an interception, passed to Josh Reynolds. The pass was incomplete, and the Seahawks converted that into a touchdown. Another big moment was David Montgomery’s fumble right before halftime. At the time, the Lions were heading into halftime with a 14-7 lead. But, the timing of Montgomery’s fumble couldn’t have been worse. Coming right before the half, Seattle was able to work in a touchdown to tie up the game, sending the teams into the locker room at halftime tied at 14-14.

What’s Wrong with the NFL Overtime Policy?

I just don’t get the NFL’s overtime policy. It really seems as if whoever wins the coin toss will win the game. The NFL’s overtime rule just don’t make sense. It definitely isn’t fair. Not that fairness is always a part of sports, but I don’t know why the NFL doesn’t mirror college football with their much fairer overtime policy. Seattle won the coin toss, they rushed the ball down the field and they won. If the Lions had won the coin toss, it’s just as likely that they would have taken home that win. So, in the end, the coin won the game.

Moving On

In the end, the Lions have to cut their losses and move on. There’s no use sulking over this loss. There are very high expectation for this team this year, and they have to get back to fulfilling those expectations. Like the old saying, “There’s no use crying over spilled milk,” the Lions have to learn from this mistake and regroup for the next game. They have the talent to win games like this. They just have to make it happen.

The next Detroit Lions game happens on Sunday, with the team going up against the Atlanta Falcons. This is a game they should absolutely win. If they fall in this game, then we have reason to worry. But, until that happens, I’m still looking at the Lions as a playoff team in 2023.

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