As someone who has spent my whole life going to rock and metal concerts, I like to think that I have a good idea about ticket prices. But, when it comes to NFL tickets, that’s a whole different ballgame, no pun intended. Actually, whether it’s sports or music, the prices of tickets have gone up considerably over the past few years. Part of it, at least for concert tickets, is that after the lockdown, bands and artists had to make up for lost revenue. It also got more expensive to tour, because suddenly, everyone wanted to tour. So, the price of concert tickets went up. But, how much are NFL tickets today?

How Much Are NFL Tickets?

There are different numbers out there. But, for the most part, looking at all the stats, the average price a footfall fan will pay to go to an NFL game was between $150 and $200 in 2022. The teams that are winning garner higher prices, while the teams that are losing have cheaper tickets. That said, the average ticket price for an NFL game is $151, according to SeatGeek data.

Let’s get into the specifics. Which NFL teams have the tickets that are so expensive they’ll make you remotgae your home? Okay, they aren’t that expensive. But, according to, the most expensive NFL tickets in 2022 were to see the Las Vegas Raiders. Those Raiders tickets cost an average of $448 a pop. That’s crazy to me. They weren’t even that good a team last year. I mean, they’re solid, but not the Kansas City Chiefs or anything. The second most expensive NFL tickets in 2022 were to see the┬áTampa Bay Buccaneers at $311, and the third most expensive were to watch defending NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles at $287.

So, what about the cheapest NFL tickets? In 2022, that honor went to the Houston Texans, with an average cost per ticket sold of $104, according to The team with the No. 2 cheapest NFL tickets for 2022 were the New York Jets, and No. 3 was the Cleveland Browns at $125. I’m actually surprised by the Browns, but the other two make sense. Those Jets tickets are a steal. I would absolutely take them up on that if I lived in that area.

How Much Are NFL Tickets in 2023, and Has the Price Gone Up?

What a difference a year makes. While the average price for a tickets to see the NFL in action was $150 to $200 in 2022, as aforementioned, that price has gone up. The average price of a 2023 NFL ticket is a whopping $377, according to TicketSmarter. Specifically, last season, it was $235, so that’s a huge jump.

In 2023, you can expect to pay an incredible $582 to see a Las Vegas Raiders game. I just don’t get it. To see the Kansas City Chiefs, it’ll cost you an average of $578. Now I see why their fans were so upset that they lost to the Detroit Lions in their opening, home game. Those fans paid big bucks to see them lost. To see the Philadelphia Eagles, you’ll pay an average of $559. The cheapest ticket for 2023, according to TicketSmarter, is the Atlanta Falcons at $225.

How to Get Cheaper NFL Tickets

Now, the good news is that you don’t have the pay the average ticket price. If you opt for seats that aren’t so great, you’ll get the experience of being at the game without having to pay too much. For example, according to TicketSmarter, the cheapest Las Vegas Raiders ticket costs $209. That’s way better than the average cost of $559. The cheapest ticket in the NFL, total, is to see the Houston Texans at $49. I’ll take it. No shame. As a Detroit Lions fan, our cheapest ticket is $123.

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