Sure, Patrick Mahomes is a fantastic quarterback. He’s the Tom Brady of his generation. If you look at any best-of NFL quarterback list, chances are Mahomes will be on top. But, there are plenty of quarterbacks in the NFL that aren’t getting the respect they deserve. It’s always fun for me to find these hidden gems and give them some attention. After all, if you’re playing in the NFL as a starting quarterback, your skills are obviously not to shabby, so you deserve some attention. So, who are the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL for 2023?

Who Are the Most Underrated Quarterbacks in the NFL for 2023?

3. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Jared Goff got a bum deal from the Los Angeles Rams. There. I said it. The Rams traded Goff to Detroit without even telling him at first. He reportedly learned about it second hand. How awful is that? What’s more, he suddenly found himself packing his bags and moving to the cold climate of Detroit to head up one of the weakest teams in the league. Matthew Stafford was traded from Detroit to the Rams, and the rest of NFL history, as the Rams went on to win a Super Bowl. But, honestly, I think Goff would have won that same Super Bowl if he had stayed with the Rams. It was more about the players surrounding the quarterback than the quarterback in that situation, in my opinion.

Regardless, Goff had some of the best numbers in the NFL the second half of last season. Yes, he rarely shows up on best-of quarterback lists. He’s an unassuming talent. He’s understated. But, he’s solid and rarely lets interceptions happen. If the Lions have another winning season this year, chances are he’ll start to get the respect he deserves.

2. James Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

James Garoppolo has quite a history on the field. He was picked in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. From there, he spent his four seasons as backup for the legendary Tom Brady. He also was on two Super Bowl-winning teams with the Patriots. Then, he went to the 49ers, where the love just wasn’t there. He was with the 49ers from 2017 to 2022, before coming to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings thinks Garoppolo is one of the best in the league. On a recent episode of the NFL show “Quarterbacks,” he sung Garoppolo’s praises.

“I kind of always scratch my head at the Jimmy Garoppolo situation in San Francisco, because I know how hard it is to win in this league,” Cousins said, referring to the 49ers not being happy with Garoppolo’s performance. He also said that he didn’t understand the 49ers moving on from him or trying to draft somebody and trade up. “I’m thinking, ‘It’s pretty hard to win double-digit games in this league and that’s all they seem to do when the plays.'”

Cousins added that, “If he does it again with the Raiders, at some point, this guy’s just a winner.”

1. Kirk Cousins,  Minnesota Vikings

I’m a graduate of Michigan State University, so I have a special place in my heart for Kirk Cousins, who is a Spartan graduate. Cousins has consistently served up solid seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, and he’s never really gotten the fanfare he deserves. Even on Instagram, Kirk Cousins doesn’t get the love he should. Most NFL quarterbacks have at least a million followers, but he’s sitting at just over 500,000.

Cousins has showed, time and time again, that he can make the plays and keep the ball steady. He rarely throws and interception or is sacked. He also brought the Vikings to a winning season last year.

What’s more, Mahomes has given Cousins props are being the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. On a recent episode of the NFL show “Quarterback,” Mahomes answered the question of, “Who is the most underrated quarterback in the NFL?” When asked that question, Mahomes pointed at Cousins and said, “I think this guy right here.” He added, “I mean, if you look at Kirk over here, man. Wins every year. Puts up great stats. Did it in Washington. Does it in Minnesota. Talk to any other quarterbacks in the league, and they’re gonna say the same thing.”

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