You know what it’s like when you get your heart broken, and you think, “I’m never going to put myself into that situation again?” That’s probably how Jared Goff felt when the Los Angeles Rams traded him away after recently signing a new contract with the team to stay on and  try to win them a Super Bowl. Jared Goff wanted “security” in his new deal with the Detroit Lions, and based on the quarterback’s history, it makes sense. I would want the same thing.

Jared Goff Wanted ‘Security’ from Detroit Lions

Jared Goff is officially going to be the Detroit Lions‘ quarterback for years to come. Five years, to be specific. He inked a four-year extension, adding to his one remaining year with Detroit.

Goff got a lot of money with this deal, as he should. Goff took the Detroit Lions to their first NFC championship game in 30 years. He also brought home a NFC North championship win. So, the quarterback has signed a $212 million contract with the Lions, plus a $73 million signing bonus. He’s the second-highest player in the NFL, only behind Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals.

But, it wasn’t about the money to Goff. It was about security. Jared Goff wanted security in his deal, so that’s why the deal took a bit longer.

Remember, Goff came from the Los Angeles Rams, where he signed a large deal, too. At the time, it was a four-year, $134 million contract with the Rams under Sean McVay. But, they traded him, so it meant nothing. So, yes, Jared Goff wanted security from the Lions, and he got it with a no-trade deal.

“It was mostly security. You can go back and forth on the numbers and whatnot, and that wasn’t really the thing that was ever something I was extremely concerned with,” Goff said during a press conference on Thursday (May 16). “It was the security and the no-trade clause and all of that stuff, knowing that all that was in there and feeling secure in knowing that I can finally put that behind me and be excited about what’s to come.”

So, signing with the Detroit Lions feels “much more special” than his deal with the Rams, he says.

“Doing it in a place like this, where the fans are so passionate and care so much, and how honored I am to be their quarterback and be their leader,” he said in the press conference. “And to play for Dan and play for Ben, Brunell, and all the other coaches, and play with these teammates, it is really special. It’s something I’ll remember forever.”

Now, Goff wants to win a Super Bowl.

“It’s a good chapter closing of the last three years if you want to say, but now I’m more driven and more fired up than ever to go even harder and put the pedal to the metal even more to bring a Super Bowl to this city,” Goff said in the press conference. “And that’s what’s most important. One day, I won’t be the quarterback here, and (I want to be) able to look back on those days that I am and that I was with no regrets and knowing that I did everything I could to try and make that happen.”