What the heck is going on with Matt Patricia, and which NFL team is going to bring him on for the next season? Watching Patricia as he awaits his next gig is like being stuck in a soap opera. Rumors and drama abound.

Patricia is an acquired taste, to say the least. He’s been with the New England Patriots the last few years, and he has a long history with the team. Also, he was the head coach of the Detroit Lions for a while. Talk about a bad relationship. If you say his name around Detroit even today, you’ll get dirty looks.

I don’t mean to be, well, mean with my headline. I’m sure Patricia is a cool dude. He’s still in the NFL after many years in the game, and he’s fairly successful, to boot.

Now, it seems Matt Patricia is leaving New England and ready to make his mark with a new team. That team was just at the Super Bowl, too.

The Gig News

On Thursday (April 20), ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted out that the Philadelphia Eagles have hired Patricia as a senior defensive assistant.

However, we don’t see much confirmation of this news right now. Patricia currently isn’t on the team’s website. But, Schefter is almost always correct.

“And now it is official: Eagles have hired former Patriots’ assistant coach Matt Patricia as their new senior defensive assistant, per sources,” he tweeted.

What’s extra interesting is that the Philadelphia Eagles just tweeted out an image with a bunch of new peeps added to their coaching staff. Patricia is not one of them. Check out the tweet below.

It’s likely that Schefter is correct, though. He usually gets the news early. If this is true, it will be very interesting to see how the Eagles go down next season. Many think their defense lost them the Super Bowl, so with Patricia on board, perhaps that will change.

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