Everybody is talking about Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury. Rodgers, the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback, was starting his first season with the New York Jets when he suffered a torn Achilles. That injury will take all season to heal. That said, many NFL quarterbacks are buzzing about Rodgers’ injury and giving their sympathies and support. Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins discusses Aaron Rodgers’ injury in a new interview.

Rodgers and Cousins are former NFC North rivals. WCCO sports director Mike Max asked Cousins about his thoughts on the injury following the incident.

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Discusses Aaron Rodgers Injury

“When he got up limping, I said to my wife ‘you know, I think he’s hurt’ and then he went back down,” Cousins said. “Looking back, when he flicked that ball [after the play], he was basically saying ‘that’s my season.’ Tough deal.”

Cousins added, “It’s just tough news. We know the realities playing this position. Every time you step out there, you’re always one play away from things changing. You know that.”

Cousins also said that they didn’t really need the reminder of how dangerous it can be for athletes in the NFL. “Because we know it,” Cousins explained. “The NFL really stands for ‘not for long’ and you have to fight, and work, and grind to make sure you’re still out there. Even coming back from this injury, he’s going to fight and work to make sure he’s back next year.”

Cousins added that even though it’s a major bummer, he expects to see Rodgers back in a New York Jets uniform next year.

Even without Rodgers, the Jets pulled off an impressive win against the Buffalo Bills, winning 22-16 in overtime. Now, the big question is, who will the Jets bring on to replace Rodgers? Some are even thinking the Jets could bring on Cousins in 2024. Cousins is a free agent in 2024. The Vikings will likely keep cousins, but there’s also been talk of trading him, so it’s anybody’s guess.