The folks at ConsumerAffairs recently conducted a study to determine the safest states in the nation. To put together the rankings, the consumer news site analyzed date from the FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau. They looked at violent and property crime rates, the number of law enforcement officers per capita and law enforcement budgets, among other factors.

So, how does Ohio stack up? Very well. According to the study, Ohio is low in violent crime and property crime, keys to safety.

“No state outside the Northeast is safer than Ohio, based on our calculations,” the study says. “It’s only 18th in violent crime and 23rd in property crime, but it has the highest budget per law enforcement employee in the U.S. at nearly $215,000. That’s over $20,000 more than the second-ranking state in the category. Still, Ohio is just 26th in law enforcement officers per capita.”

The safest small town in Ohio, according to the study, is Hunting Valley. The safest midsize town is Perrysburg and the safest large city is Columbus. Find the full study here.