March Madness season is here, and it’s time to start working on your precious brackets. We’re so far into the season, that it’s easy to tell which teams will get top seeds in 2024. But, being the No. 1 seed is just a number. You still have to earn your place in the tourney and work hard to go all the way. So, what are the best and strongest NCAA men’s basketball teams going into March Madness?

March Madness 2024 top teams

The best NCAA men’s basketball teams are no secret: Purdue, Houston and Connecticut. Those teams have performed consistently well all season.

Right now, Houston tops the Associated Press ranking for the NCAA. Their record is 26-3. Interestingly, as of writing this article, both Purdue and Connecticut are also 26-3. So, it’s going to be a tight run for the trophy this year.

If I had to pick a No. 1 team right now, it would be Purdue. Why? Zach Edey. He’s a force. His height is a huge advantage, as he’s 7 feet 4 inches tall. I can’t imagine being that tall. Anyway, it’s not just his height. He’s also a solid playing on the court. So, despite most polls putting Purdue as the No. 3 seed, I see them going all the way this year. Don’t bet the house on it in your bracket, but that’s my pick.

Houston, in my rankings, comes in right behind Purdue at No. 2. They’re followed by Connecticut. The Tennessee Volunteers (23-6) are No. 4 and the Arizona Wildcats (23-6) are No. 5 on my list.

March Madness 2024 teams in question

I went to Michigan State University, so I know that we mean business when it comes to basketball. Tom Izzo is an icon here. But, this is not his year. Not only has the team been shaky all season, but they’ve also been shaky as of late. That’s of real concern at this point in the season. There’s a saying here that “Tom Izzo loves March.” But, his team has some must-wins coming up. They’re still favored, heavily, to make the tournament, but it will have to be earned.

The Wake Forest Demon Deacons are another team that really looked like fire for a while. They recently beat Duke, but then they had two losses to Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. They’re weakening at the worst point in the season.

A school that knows how to do it

Duke is the kind of team that has legacy. Mike Krzyzewski led this franchise to victory after victory during his time coaching at Duke. Now, they’re under head coach Jon Scheyer, and he’s continuing that legacy of wins. They have some star players in Kyle Filipowski and Jeremy Roach, and they are just reliable. It’s fascinating, because I watched Duke closely during the Krzyzewski era, and I had questions about whether this team would keep winning without him. He was such a focal point of that team for so many years. But, he obviously build a culture that lives on past his retirement.

So, as we head into March Mardness 2024, keep your eyes on the aforementioned teams. Find the full schedule here.