The biggest event of the offseason in pro football is coming up later this month. I’m, of course, talking about the NFL Draft. So, who are the top NFL Draft Picks for 2024? This year’s class is unique in the best possible ways. Here are’s top 5 NFL Draft Picks for 2024 and what makes them so special.

Top NFL Draft Picks for 2024 and What to Know

The 2024 NFL Draft is set for April 25 through 27 in Detroit, Michigan. It’s quite a boost to the Motor City that they get to host this enormous event. The event comes in the middle of what’s really a drought in NFL action, and it also is the unofficial kickoff of the new season starting.

Looking at this year’s draft class, the position that really stands out is quarterback. There are a handful of very solid quarterbacks up for grabs, and teams will need them, as many franchise quarterbacks are changing in 2024.

1. Caleb Williams, USC

Caleb Williams is really the best quarterback in the draft who is ready to start as a franchise quarterback right now. Well, the next guy on this list, Drake Maye, could be ready, as well. But, Williams is the no-brainer choice for any team that needs a real franchise quarterback right now. This guy could be legendary someday. The Bears have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft this year, and their pretty much guaranteed to pick Caleb Williams. That will be the Bears’ biggest move during the offseason. It could be a game-changer for the team. When it comes to the top NFL Draft picks for 2024, he’s absolutely No. 1.

2. Drake Maye, North Carolina

Drake Maye is another hot quarterback in the NFL Draft. Changes are, he’ll land with the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants or Washington Commanders. So, he has a lot of options. The North Carolina star is a force on the field. He’s also ready to step into that franchise quarterback role, but not quite as ready as Williams.

3. Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

Ohio State wide receiver is so good, that the fact he’s a receiver probably won’t stop a team from picking him up in the first few picks. It’s rare for receivers to get picked up super early, but Harrison Jr. is really so talented, that he’ll probably go third in the lot and be one of the top NFL Draft picks for 2024. The last receiver who was picked in the top three was actually Calvin Johnson in 2007.

4. Jayden Daniels, LSU

I said that quarterbacks were a huge part of this year’s draft class, and I meant it. Another A-list quarterback in the draft is Jayden Daniels of LSU. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, has great rushing potential and can trip up the defense. Some would argue that he won’t go until into the 10s or 20s in the draft, but I think he’ll go early and be one of the top NFL Draft picks for 2024.

5. Malik Nabers, LSU

Here’s another wide receive that could break the mold of having receivers picked late in the draft. Malik Nabers of LSU is very agile and has proven himself on the field time and time again. He’s an incredibly resilient player, which is crucial in the NFL today. He’ll likely go early, just like aforementioned wide receiver Harrison Jr.

In addition to the draft, there has also been some pretty major free-agent action during the offseason.