The Detroit Lions are 7-2 going into NFL Week 11. Anyone who has been a longtime Lions fan knows that this is truly an anomaly. The team hasn’t been 7-2 since 2014, but really, that stat even makes it looks like the Lions have been better than they’ve been for the past several decades. The Lions have never won a Super Bowl, and they’re one of the few teams that’s actually never been to the Super Bowl. Is this the year? It’s possible. But, more importantly, why do the Detroit Lions keep winning? Jared Goff has a no-nonsense explanation. Also, can the Detroit Lions make it to the Super Bowl?

One of the Lions’ reasons for winning are their chancy moves. They tend to go on fourth down a lot. On Sunday’s game (Nov. 12) against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Lions went for it on fourth down five times. They were able to convert on four of those five, which is very impressive. Those calls, largely, came from head coach Dan Campbell.

Things got intense towards the end of the game. The team’s final fourth down conversion, a fourth-and-2 with 1:47 remaining, tied the game at 38-38. What’s really wild is that the Lions were already in field goal range. So, one would think they would go for it to win the game. But, they didn’t want to give L.A. a chance to score again. Campbell had the team go for a first down. They did just that, and then the team was able to kneel down three times to run the rest of the time off the clock and kick the winning field goal.

After the game, the media asked Goff about Campbell’s dramatic decision to go for it on fourth down. His answer?

“He’s got big balls, and he showed it there,” Goff said of Campbell. Well, that’s one way to put it.

So, why do the Detroit Lions keep winning? A lot of it has to do with Dan Campbell’s ballsy moves. He’s not afraid to take chance for big wins. He’s a gambler.

Are the Detroit Lions good enough to make it to the Super Bowl? While many NFL analysts have said the team is solid this year, they more they play and win, and the more they’re discussed as a serious Super Bowl contender. During a Sunday broadcast between CBS’ Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, both really sang Detroit’s praises.

“Detroit is showing you that they’re here to stay,” Romo said after the Lions’ riveting 41-38 win against the Chargers. “This is a formidable team who can win a Super Bowl.”

Nantz also said some great things about Detroit, saying, “We might be seeing these Lions in Las Vegas. You never know. This is a pretty complete (team).”

“Complete” is a good word for the Detroit Lions. While we have some big players, the Lions aren’t a team that relies on one player to win all their games. I would argue that the Lions are a stronger team than even the Philadelphia Eagles, who tend to rely heavily on Jalen Hurts. The Lions, all around, are a solid team. Hopefully we’ll see them go all the way this year. I wouldn’t be mad about it.