Don’t underestimate the Detroit Lions. Not this year. There have been so many doubters over the years. When the NFL announced that the Detroit Lions would be the team to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs for the opening night of the NFL season, many thought it was a strange choice. The Lions have often appeared on the bottom of the NFL roster. But, that’s your grandfather’s Lions. The Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was beautiful.

The game took place at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday (Sept. 7). Kansas City, of course, are the reigning Super Bowl champions. Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions ended last season with a winning record for the first time in years. Still, even with the “new” Lions, many thought this game would be a blow-out.

This game was anything but a blow-out. The Detroit Lions set the mood for the game with a trick punt that resulted in a touchdown early in the game. Right away, there was a different feeling among NFL fans. Lions fans already knew the tide was turning, but this is perhaps the first time that, on a major stage, the Lions really showed what they could do to the nation and the world.

I was watching the game at home and, like everyone one, totally engrossed in the action. There really wasn’t a dull point for the game. Both teams appeared solid, with one never towering over the other too much. I really can’t remember a more exciting moment in sports for me in the past few years. My college team, the Michigan State University Spartans, had a rough year last year. So, I need something in sports to go right.

I’m not surprised the Lions won, because they simply have the talent on both the coaching staff and team. It may be hard to shed old stereotypes, but you can’t ignore the fact that the Lions are truly solid this season.

After the game, head coach Dan Campbell talked about how strong the guys appeared during the game. “I love the fact our guys never wavered, it was something we talked about,” Campbell said in a post-game press conference. “We knew we’d hit some tough spots in this game and that happened and nobody got down and we hung in there. I told the team they’re built for this.”

Let’s roar, Lions nation. The Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and that means they could beat any other NFL team. Check out a video wrap-up of the game below.