Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has built a strong friendship with quarterback Jared Goff. In fact, Goff is a major reason by Johnson decided to come back to Detroit this season.

The Lions had one of the best offensive units in the NFL last season. Following that success, many people speculated that Johnson would take one of his many job opportunities outside of Detroit. Instead, he stayed. Now, he’s giving Goff some of that credit.

Ben Johnson, Jared Goff Friendship

Johnson and Goff have something in common. They’ve both dealt with high-profile job losses. Goff was traded from Los Angeles to Detroit. Meanwhile, Johnson was let go by Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins. Both Johnson and Goff are excelling now. It makes their past teams, and those who let them go, look foolish.

So, why did Johnson stay offensive coordinator with the Lions instead of jetting to a bigger opportunity, possibly even a head coach gig? It’s all Goff.

“He’s one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t want to leave,” Johnson said, via The Athletic. “I feel we are tied together to a degree. He’s an extension of me, and I’m an extension of him. I’ve told him multiple times his success is my success and vice versa.”

Goff, 28, feels the same way about Johnson. “I know anything I say to him will be taken pretty seriously,” Goff said. “He really values my opinion and cares about what I’m saying. That’s huge for a quarterback.”

Goff also thinks Johnson has what it takes to be a head coach. So, even if Johnson is content with the Lions right now, if that head coach opportunity arises, Goff thinks he would fit the bill. “I’ve been around a handful of great coaches who became head coaches in the league, and he reminded me of them,” Goff said.

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